Why minimalist aesthetic outfits will change your appearance and elevate your style

Creating a simpler, minimalist and a more versatile wardrobe sounds great in principle, but what about putting this into practice? It’s true that but the fastest way to level up your style is by paring down your wardrobe, and this is underpinned by the philosophy surrounding minimalist aesthetic outfits.

I started Dènevos as I want us to be recognised as the leaders in minimalist fashion for every day, creating an allowance if you will for every man to remove complexity of choice and follow 3 guiding principles, simplicity, utility, and versatility.

Picture a Black T-Shirt. It never goes out of style, it matches everything, and it can be dressed up under a jacket with smart trousers or dressed down with shorts and jogging bottoms. This is just one example of how putting into practice the acquisition of a simpler, minimalist, and more versatile wardrobe can be achieved.



Simplifying your style will simplify your life


Simplifying your style will simplify your life. A bold statement, no? IT’S SO VERY TRUE!!!

How many times have we been invited to an occasion and the immediate dread of ‘what shall I wear?’ comes creeping into thought, yet again!


A versatile, minimalist, and simple wardrobe removes this sense of dread. Picture it, you open your wardrobe and take out your favourite polo shirt in a solid colour, you pair it with black trousers and a choice of footwear, this will have you set for any occasion that comes into your calendar, drinks with work, friends party, social get together.

Many fashion stylists have written and spoke of the benefits of building a minimalist aesthetic wardrobe for years, one that is built around staples that never go out of style.

A secondary benefit to this way of consumerism is the environment. It is well documented how passionate Dènevos as a brand, and us as individuals are about the environment and Dènevos’ sustainable objectives, by building a minimalist, versatile and simple wardrobe you'll buy fewer clothes overall meaning less waste and a reduction in the carbon omissions, you can also invest in higher-quality pieces so while the initial cost might be higher, the items will last longer, saving you money over time.

The thought of buying less is attractive to all parties, the retailer included, our mission at Dènevos is to style every man for the every day, and we can do that in a manner that doesn’t depend on a multitude of new SKUs (products), we can do that in a manner that focuses in on what works well, what our customers benefit from and double down our efforts on perfecting those styles further.

When you wear minimalist aesthetic outfits of a high quality, you inevitably buy fewer pieces and wear them more often. And because what you buy is so versatile, you can easily transition between occasions meaning you’re not purchasing a different outfit for different events, or even every day.



How can I put this into practice?


Here are my top tips for building your wardrobe to be more versatile and minimalist.


  1. Build your wardrobe around classic pieces with clean cuts (Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Jumpers, Shirt etc)


  1. To create your minimalist wardrobe, look for always-in-style essentials. If you find a piece you love, like a favourite T-shirt or a perfectly tailored pair of pants, buy it in multiple colours.


  1. To ensure that all your minimalist essentials match, you should establish a base colour palette built around neutrals. This can include white, black, grey, navy, olive green, beige, or brown. Once you have your base of neutral staples, add a few pops of colour.


  1. Solid colours never go out of style, so choose whichever shades appeal to you the most.


  1. Create a wardrobe where everything goes together so you can practically get dressed with your eyes closed. (Grey or Black Polo Shirts with Black Trousers = 3 pieces of clothing and 2 outfits)


  1. Invest in quality not price! Honestly, it doesn’t matter that a style can last forever if the piece of clothing you buy falls apart on its first wash, discolours or doesn’t hold its shape. It might mean that you spend a little more on a better-quality item but it means you won’t have to replace it as often so the investment will pay off for you. Always try to opt for higher quality fabrics, avoiding thin low GSM fabrics or gauzy materials that will bobble and tear, instead focus on picking from organic naturally sourced fabrics such as organic cotton or performance-based fabrics that are built for durability.



With a minimalist wardrobe I can guarantee you’ll get dressed in minutes every morning with a closet full of minimalist aesthetic outfits all paired perfectly together like an aged red wine and a well-cooked steak!

Gone is the struggle of sorting through your out-of-style clothes or asking yourself the question, "does this match" or “is this suitable” – be confident that every piece you own will mix and match perfectly whilst offering a style that persists through these changing times and evolving fashion trends. Minimalist style is not impacted by trends, it is a forever trend!

I truly believe that a minimalist style won’t just simplify your clothing choices and your appearance, but it will positively impact your life, and most importantly, your time! Put simply, by creating an effortless wardrobe, you can devote more of your time and effort where it counts most.

Happy wardrobe building folks.

All the best,

Ben Evans

Co-Founder & CEO Dènevos