To further our commitment to be a responsible and environmentally conscious business, we have also taken the Green Growth Pledge by Business Wales


The Green Growth Pledge helps Welsh businesses take pro-active steps towards improving their sustainability, demonstrating their positive impact on the people and places around them, as well as joining a growing community of forward-thinking organisations who are helping Wales transition to a low carbon future. It offers a range of straightforward, practical actions that can be taken, such as reducing vehicle use, increasing water and energy efficiency, and working with responsible suppliers that will help companies become more efficient, decarbonise and win new business.


We pledge to do the following:


Working with responsible suppliers:

Taking steps to encourage good practice within our supply chain.


Products & services:

Our company is taking steps to reduce its use of raw ingredients and materials and to ensure your processes are efficient.


Appropriate packaging:

Our company is taking steps to ensure packaging protects products and the environment.


Efficient transport:

Dènevos is taking steps to reduce vehicle use & improve fuel efficiency.


Use & End of Life:

Your company is taking steps to minimise energy use and waste arising from your products and services during their use and at end of life.


Using land, energy & water wisely:

Dènevos is taking steps to reduce reliance on natural resources.


Preventing waste & pollution:

Dènevos is taking steps to reduce its impacts.


Well-being of staff and your local


Dènevos  is taking steps to ensure it is socially responsible.


Measuring impacts:

Dènevos is taking steps to measure and manage the environmental and social impacts of its activities.


Brand & marketing:

Dènevos  is taking steps to raise awareness of its good practice and get positive results.


To fulfill the pledge that we have made we will be implementing further changes within the business to make sure we are doing the most for our planet. 


Our founder Ben Evans said: ‘Our commitment to the environment around us is pivotal to how we operate as a business. It has been well documented how much we dislike existing models within the industry where waste plays a significant part in damaging our environment and encouraging im-proper behaviours of consumers who have unfortunately adopted a throw-away mentality. We believe in a buy once wear forever model for our garments which is why we’ve made the pledge to play our part and to influence the industry to change its ways’